Axxial delivers tailored technology solutions from conception, design, consulting, deployment, management, and support of complex communication issues. We are a "total integrator solution" service provider offering value driven design, project management, installation and customer support for the implementation of commercial and high-end residential networks. 

Axxial team is composed of experienced and certified professionals and technicians with areas of expertise ranging from network security to business process development. Our total network turnkey delivery model enables Axxial to provide a simplified cost-effective solution for our customers. Security: Axxial can provide you with a security system to protect your assets. We provide access control, IP-based cameras, and many other security devices. Our security survey can identify risk and liabilities, helping us customize a solution to fit your facility. Data Networking & Cabling: Data management and communications is the backbone of your business. At Axxial, we use optical fiber and category cable to design and install your communication infrastructure to help boost business productivity and give you the power you need. Business System Safety, Inspection, and Monitoring Service: We offer a wide range of service and support options for your security, data, and other electronic systems. We can provide code-specific monitoring of your system, or an extended warranty agreement to keep your systems running. Audio Visual Solutions: From conference rooms to sports complexes, Axxial has the expertise to give you the premier commercial AV system you need to grow your business. Talk to us today about video walls, live sound systems, and more. What makes our business solutions different? Our Process.

Our professional, engineering and technical staff routinely deliver the following solutions:

Serving clients throughout the US and the Caribbean since 2009, we have a strong customer base and major partnerships and strategic alliances that benefit everyone. We deliver business value by aligning your network infrastructure to your business needs. We can help you demonstrate an ROI (return on investment) while lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership) for your business.

Axxial is committed to elevating the standards of network support. With our combined network consulting, design and implementation experience, we are confident our services will exceed your business' expectations.

At Axxial, we appreciate and understand the value of full system integration. Many systems are either poorly put together, with many components not talking to each other, or they are overly complicated to use. We design and install systems that can be easily used by IT staff, security staff, property managers and building maintenance. Axxial offers a spectrum of physical security solutions with a complete core offering tightly integrated seamlessly to your control system. Along with a consistent, global project methodology, Axxial delivers improved site security through situational awareness and early detection, more information for better response, and improved operator productivity. Industrial Security includes products ranging from radar video surveillance (RVS), electronic fence line and buried detection systems to fences and barriers, IP CCTV technologies, configurable access control system and advanced security management systems as well as integration platforms.