Axxial has top-notch industry professionals and business relationships (our associates) that we work with. We draw on this accumulated knowledge and experience. This allows us to tackle almost any issue that a small business may need help with.

We are located in Miami, FL. Our local service area is the Southeast of Florida, South America, and the Caribbean. We work with clients throughout the Continent by phone and by traveling to their location.

We offer a full line of small, medium and large business consulting and technology advisory services. We have a division that focuses on helping businesses with fewer than 100 employees. We have worked with companies with over 500 employees, but we enjoy the fast-paced, flexible dynamics that a small business has. It is much easier to effect change in a smaller organization.

Our Government department offers technology to all its entities, with special attention to wireless telecommunication, encryption, data security, video surveillance, and solar power.



Nelson leads this project and is responsible for the efficiency and activity coordination of the outstanding professional team at Axxial. With over 25 years of experience, Nelson has had a successful and productive career in sales, marketing, and investment analysis. He is a product introduction leader in Latin America, with the ability and expertise to ensure excellent yields and results through innovative action plans.



Over 20 years of Information Technology Management experience, Ezequiel has designed and developed several applied technological concepts which have turned challenges into profitable business solutions. Ezequiel has worked as a technology officer for several companies, with an emphasis on high-level design and planning. His background also includes the development of information systems based on technological and organizational requirements of corporate clients. Ezequiel's mission is to ensure Axxial's leadership in new technologies and Cybersecurity Academia.



With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Rolando coordinates all projects, with a focus on efficiency and timely results. Rolando has been responsible for the direction and coordination of all operating activities of companies engaged in major construction projects in the United States and overseas. He has a direct engagement in the projects, including overseeing other professionals involved in the implementation activities, such as architects, engineers, purchasers, appraisers, and IT experts.